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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
10 interesting facts about the Guidelines for Inclusive Writing Ève Lyne Marchand 584 4
10 interesting facts on translation and translators Marc-André Descôteaux 66244 9
10 practical tips to enrich your French vocabulary Lorrayne G. Camper 22043 9
2018: An important year for the Council of the Network of Official Languages Champions Debbie Beresford-Green and Stéphan Déry 6499 0
2SLGBTQI+ allyship in language: Words matter Giancarlo Cerquozzi 1972 3
3 stylistic differences between English and French Ève Lyne Marchand 8608 2
4 differences between English and French writing conventions Ève Lyne Marchand 2571 4
4 simple tips for writing an effective speech Stanley Igboanugo 3540 3
4 tips for simplifying your PowerPoint presentations Ève Lyne Marchand 2783 4
4 ways French has influenced the English language Chad Emery 79243 15
5 festive songs and their origins Ève Lyne Marchand 2113 4
5 places to visit to practise your second language Lucie Séguin 5018 0
5 reasons why reading aloud isn’t just for children Julia Sandford-Cooke 17617 7
5 tips to improve your email writing skills Catherine Haggerty 213154 64
5 tools to discover in the Language Portal Fatima Rizzo 12161 4
7 careers for the literature major Fatima Rizzo 8536 0
7 proverbs and expressions that Granny used to use Ana Conan 4507 0
7 wonders of literary language Nadia Helal 8321 1
8 French words I miss in English: Untranslatable words chez les Anglais Lauren Shapiro 7030 7
A brief guide to inclusive writing resources Barbara McClintock 4027 1
A certain je ne sais quoi Annie-Josiane Sessou 1248 0
A conversation with Patrick Chan and Caroline Savoie, spokespersons for the 2019 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie Marc-André Descôteaux 6191 1
A historical overview of the “grammar-translation” method for teaching foreign languages Alejandro Hernández Jaramillo 24969 2
A knack for languages and a nose for wine Alexandre Faster 1585 0
A simple “Bonjour” can change everything Pascale Bourque 7191 2
A tale of two translation-related residencies Lynne Bowker and Veronica Cappella 1041 0
Adapted books for persons with a disability: Copyright law terminology Barbara McClintock 2282 0
Add a little poetry to your life Nathalie Rondeau 726 0
Alexis Normand: Fransaskoise, and proud of it! Marie-Claude Picard 1023 1
An ode to libraries Caroline Gadenne 989 0
Anacoluthon: A stylistic error Ève Lyne Marchand 2907 2
Are you a multilingual speaker? Haiyi Yan 13075 4
Australian English in a nutshell Line Lalande 18328 4
Award-winning titles for Asian Heritage Month Josephine Versace 3730 0
Back to the pen: Writing letters by hand Lina Peralta 3846 5
Be daring: Speak in your second language Caroline Bowden 6130 4
Behind the scenes at Parliamentary Debates Katey Thompson 4914 7
Bilingual Service Centres: Serving Franco-Manitobans for 15 years Bilingual Service Centres of Manitoba 3723 0
Bilingualism: A gift from my father Michael Vandergrift 1824 1
Bonjour my friend!: Promoting Canada’s linguistic duality Marc-André Descôteaux 3083 1
Building bilingual brains: The importance of French second-language education in Canada Rianna Crawford 5007 0
Canadian authors who lull my children to sleep Marise Guay 1077 0
Canadian, British and American: It’s all English, but the spelling is different Virginia St-Denis 27216 1
Celebrate Halloween with a twist! Marise Guay 761 0
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act: Personal testimonies Françoise Giboureau, Carole Melanson and Robert Beaumier 4356 1
Challenges Chinese students encounter when studying Shakespeare Haiyi Yan 1843 2
Changing times, changing vocabulary Charles Slowey 2074 1
Chuchotements d’éveil: A writing workshop like no other Nathalie Rondeau 2829 0
Cométique: Beyond the cosmetics of a street Josée Marie-Lise Robillard 858 0
Comic books and graphic novels: A primer Ève Lyne Marchand 3505 0
Comparative revision: An essential step Marie-Christine Payette 5951 0
Condo dreaming in Quebec Barbara McClintock 2676 0
Condo terminology for those who dream of buying a condo Barbara McClintock 6049 1
COVID-19 and learning a second language: Embracing the unknown Maria Kalsatos 1827 0
Creating a bilingual lexicon: A collaborative approach Christiane Arsenault 4249 0
Cree language facts for editors of English and French Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 5640 1
Cryptocurrency vocabulary: Genesis of a terminology project Xavier Darras 4242 1
Cultural revitalization: Drawing on the past for a better future Kevin Lewis 11138 7
Dictionaries and Indigenous languages Julia Fischer 6858 7
Discover the world of sign language interpretation Frank Folino and Mélanie Guay 2898 0
Discovering the Atikamekw language Ève Lyne Marchand 1982 0
Doubling down on the letter “w” Amanda Kenney 535 6
Editing matters: Helping your text to shine Anne Louise Mahoney 10735 3
Elisapie: A woman who cherishes tradition Sophie Martin 2499 2
Embracing the singular “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun Christopher Tate 28640 24
Esperanto: A fair international language Nicolas Viau 8566 5
Even in a headwind, never give up on your dream Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 1907 0
Even though I’m tiny, I’m mighty Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 2315 0
Explore and Destination Clic: Two language immersion programs Mélanie Roy 5774 0
Five new words for tech buffs Marc-André Descôteaux 7138 0
Five ways to achieve total immersion in a language without leaving your house Brandon DeRiggs 4067 1
Food for thought: Exploring the origins of culinary terms Marc-André Descôteaux 154595 30
Four tips for writing short, simple poetry Maria Magdeleina Lotfi 6476 4
Francization in Laval: The state of the issue Samuel d’Haese 6382 2
Franco-Ontarians: A formidable force to be reckoned with Arwa Ahmed 1885 0
Francophone identity and community support: Why they’re important! Marie Anich 981 0
French in Canada: Some interesting facts you may not know Katharine Snider McNair 34280 7
From Vancouver to Jonquière Tolga Yalkin 2931 1
From “the three Rs” to machine translation: A new kind of literacy for the digital age Lynne Bowker 4946 3
Gender-inclusive writing: A unifying force Language Portal of Canada team 497 0
Gender-inclusive, non-binary, and gender-neutral language in English writing Natalie Kouri-Towe and Danielle Bobker 4894 6
Geographical names and the mysteries they hold: The case of the Lairet River Steeves Gourgues 3255 1
Grammatical gender in the Cree language Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 8940 3
He pūkoʻa kani ʻāina (A coral reef grows into an island): Building our Indigenous language capacity Candace Galla 4257 2
How my love of words shaped my life Ana Conan 9984 3
How to capitalize holiday greetings Josephine Versace 29780 2
How to deliver bad news Sheila Ethier 10173 8
How to evaluate using the sandwich method Anvita Saxena 30808 8
How to pronounce the French “u” and “r” sounds Emily Power 9870 1
How word origins can help you keep “-onym” words straight Natalie Ballard 4458 0
I dance with words Annie-Josiane Sessou 1978 2
I speak, therefore I am Pascale Bourque 7996 1
Improving the way you learn a language Valdiceia de Oliveira 3849 3
In praise of old-fashioned language classes Caroline Gadenne 2772 4
Inclusion and exclusion: A risk in bilingual education in Canada Monica Tang 3857 0
Indigenous geographical names and the power they hold Jean-Luc Fournier 7845 1
Indigenous language resources: My treasure chest Mélanie Guay 5088 2
Indigenous languages: The road ahead Gina Wilson 5334 11
Innu: A rapidly transforming language Jérémie Ambroise and Mélanie Guay 4806 0
Interlingua: An international language Martin Lavallée 14174 5
Introducing the improved Language Navigator! Mélanie Guay 1303 0
Jessica Coon: Linguistic superstar Julie Morin and Denise Ramsankar 8181 2
jimchab and his passion for the Francophone culture Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 10438 0
Kicking the em dash habit Line Lalande 18353 9
La Francophonie is about tourism, too! Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité 2371 1
Language as inspiration Joanne Leclair 1066 0
Language: A bridge between people Yvette-Monique Gray 3306 14
Language: A window into seeing and appreciating the world Samson Young 2539 11
Latin: The not-so-dead language you use every day Mary van Amelsvoort 11283 2
Laugh and learn with holiday songs Marise Guay 4104 0
Learning a language with joy, gratitude and persistence Min Ji Kim 6415 1
Learning a second language: Being deaf won’t stop me Maryse Allain 4232 0
Learning French without “dropping the potato” Patrick McKenna 2281 2
Learning to write: It’s child’s play! Marise Guay 1969 1
LeFLOFRANCO: The art of juggling with languages Sophia Désir 1004 0
Let’s celebrate our passion for languages this summer Nicolas Viau 2734 0
Let’s take a butcher’s at cockney rhyming slang Line Lalande 14856 1
Let’s talk Agile Ève Lyne Marchand 2685 6
Let’s talk noun strings! Lindsay Bach 533 10
Linguistic duality according to Raymond Théberge, Commissioner of Official Languages Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 5572 0
Literacy connections through food storytelling Lisa Trout 1414 2
Live, laugh and learn in French Laetitia Walbert 3117 4
Living and working in French in the National Capital Region Catherine Larose 5926 1
Long live the passive voice Geoff McGuire 4674 1
Machine translation literacy and an ethics of collective care Lynne Bowker 3339 4
Make an impression with stylistic devices Ève Lyne Marchand 7133 1
Making letters and emails gender-inclusive Josephine Versace 270717 33
Maritime-isms Natalie Ballard 11646 2
Meet the spokespersons for the 2018 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie Nicole Dugré 5138 0
Micheline Marchildon: A natural ally of the Francophonie Marise Guay 248 0
Misconceptions about multilingualism Raina Schnider 6903 1
More about plain language Elva Keip 1299 3
Moving? Changes to Quebec co-ownership rules Barbara McClintock 3059 2
Multicultural Book Club: An ambitious task Nazila Khalkhali 15552 1
My 2 hats, and false ideas about linguistics Raina Schnider 5415 2
My English language journey: Learning, improving and still having fun! Daniela Faillace 2497 9
My love affair with English poetry Claudia Rathjen 1160 1
My love for translation, interpretation … and Acadia Sandy Harquail 7159 0
Nourishing minds: The role of food education in second language classrooms Lisa Trout 51 0
Novice editors, reach up the value ladder Tom Vradenburg 3702 0
Obscurité totale Marie-Claude Hickey 851 4
Online vs. in-person language learning: Which works better? Nadia Helal 723 2
Passing on a love for words Monya Doryani 838 1
Plain language: It’s not just for children Elva Keip 1898 1
Projects BY and FOR official language minority communities Arwa Ahmed 1418 0
Promoting real and active bilingualism Jean-Pierre Blais 3827 1
Readability formulas, programs and tools: Do they work for plain language? Gael Spivak 8389 7
Reading and writing: Festive fun Marise Guay 262 1
Reflections on an Anglo-Gatinois childhood Arwa Ahmed 1728 0
Reflections on flavours and words Annie-Josiane Sessou 727 0
Revitalizing Indigenous languages in Canada Steeves Gourgues 6530 1
Salutations and complimentary closes made simple Natalie Ballard 158415 7
Second-language immersion: A year in Vancouver Mélanie Roy 4709 0
Serving up environmental studies (or history, or visual arts, or just about anything) with a side of language skills Lynne Bowker 2789 0
Speech therapists, a.k.a. “word doctors” Sonia Routhier 2256 0
Standard spelling in Cree Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 6849 1
Strengthening intergenerational ties through reading and writing Marise Guay 34 0
Taking the plunge into your second language Steven MacKinnon 2253 1
Teaching both English and French as a second language in Quebec Julie de Belle 3440 8
Téléfun: Case study of an informal language partners program Mélanie Rivet 2906 0
Ten good reasons to learn French Mélanie Roy 9467 5
The advantages and disadvantages of a global language Alexandre Chemla 183643 6
The art of writing effectively for the web Kimberley Bouchard 2454 0
The august origins of August: A month and so much more! Sophia Désir 1476 6
The benefits of being trilingual in Montreal Nadia Helal 13668 3
The call to volunteer Suzelle Lavallée 2071 0
The Canadian Francophonie: 21 years of celebration Philippe Daoust 5454 4
The CEGEP English Exit Exam: Know what to expect and how to succeed Nadia Helal 18721 4
The charm of language Zhang Hui 4858 12
The evolution of gender in the English language Sophie Martin 3074 3
The Francophone minority: Living in French in British Columbia is possible Jade Turcot-Plante 10511 1
The French invasion of English André Racicot 3948 1
The French legend of King Arthur Steffan Landry 5316 2
The French spoken in New France Steeves Gourgues 5441 2
The gift of bilingualism: Raising my kids with English and French Lindsay Bach 84 0
The gift of expressing myself in both languages Jill Barber 1622 0
The gift of language Shelina Adatia 10067 2
The good writer: Three tips to transform your writing style from good to great Charmaine Emanuel Ralph 3895 0
The importance of writing Clarisse Bondoma 1868 0
The ISO plain language standard: For most languages and cultures, and for all sectors Gael Spivak 2653 2
The language (and art) of stand-up comedy Nadia Helal 5502 2
The language of climate change Francis Pedneault 2851 2
The language of music Pascale Bourque 5306 2
The language of tweets and hashtags: A bilingual mini-glossary of social media terms Chantal Potvin 52778 5
The odd case of autrefois acquit and autrefois convict: How an obscure form of legal French influenced Canadian legal terminology Frédérique Bertrand-Le Borgne 3128 1
The Official Languages Hub® makes its debut on the Portal Mélanie Guay 3652 0
The Our Languages blog turns 1 Karim Adam 2928 0
The role of French immersion programs in the vitality of British Columbia’s linguistic duality Alex Hughes 5714 4
The round ball and its double identity Marise Guay 5322 0
The singular “they” is gaining acceptance Gael Spivak 109824 8
The top 5 free terminology research 2.0 tools Olivier Doré 11815 3
The writing residency: An extraordinary experience Nathalie Rondeau 681 0
To baby talk or not to baby talk Amy Warr 7940 4
Translation and technology: Where things stand Desmond Fisher 6853 2
Translation: It’s not just for translators! Lynne Bowker 2843 3
Translation: Let’s trust the professionals Alexandra Martin-Roche 22431 5
Tricky-to-translate terms and expressions Barbara McClintock 6880 2
Troublesome verb pairs Josephine Versace 7147 0
Two students, one cause Zachary Blanchard-Séguin 3369 0
Unconventional ways to learn a language if you’re stuck at home and on a budget Courtney Anderson 2046 1
Update on the words “Inuk” and “Inuit” Language Portal of Canada team 4748 0
Using verbs with flair! Lina Scarpellini 1911 4
Valentine’s Day: Sweet nothings Sophia Désir 369 5
Views on bilingualism from 5 Canada 150 Ambassadors Marc-André Descôteaux 8591 2
Watch out for these irksome idioms Sheila Ethier 138 0
Wendat kwatatiahtah! (Let’s speak Wendat!): The resurgence of a language Steeves Gourgues 3203 1
What bilingualism means to me Stéphan Déry 22518 8
What do puffins, parrots and clowns have in common? Josée Marie-Lise Robillard 808 2
What Gallicisms are and why we use them Fatima Rizzo 15242 3
What language do you dream in? Lina Peralta 6710 1
What’s my level of French? Caroline Gadenne 3972 0
What’s the easiest language to sing in? Ève Lyne Marchand 1741 4
What’s up with "you" Sheila Ethier 37908 5
Why Canada needs a language museum Katharine Snider McNair 5364 0
Why Canadian spelling is different Sheila Ethier 179674 61
Why I love learning French Jennifer S. 6732 5
Why we spell the way we do: Part 1 Anne-Marie Tugwell 3325 4
Why we spell the way we do: Part 2 Anne-Marie Tugwell 1912 2
Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? To cliché, or not to cliché: that is the question Desmond Fisher 4508 2
Writing a summary Elva Keip 1935 2
Writing about people with hearing loss: A primer on terminology Melanie Sexton 4687 1
Writing as an organizational communication tool Yasmina El Jamaï 1267 0
Writing: Smothering the creative flame Hélène Massé 1790 2
Yes, you can be gender-inclusive and use plain language! Chantal Turcotte 196 2
“Hot” summer quizzes Fanny Vittecoq 7292 4
“I” before “e” except after “c” ... or maybe not Bethany Brown 1679 1
“Latinx”: What does it mean, and how is it pronounced? Zachary Currie 5551 1
“Packaging” your job application with a cover letter Julie Lachance 2143 2
“That” is a tricky one Josephine Versace 13297 4