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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
5 places to visit to practise your second language Lucie Séguin 5018 0
5 reasons why reading aloud isn’t just for children Julia Sandford-Cooke 17617 7
5 tools to discover in the Language Portal Fatima Rizzo 12161 4
A historical overview of the “grammar-translation” method for teaching foreign languages Alejandro Hernández Jaramillo 24975 2
Be daring: Speak in your second language Caroline Bowden 6130 4
Bilingualism: A gift from my father Michael Vandergrift 1824 1
Celebrate Halloween with a twist! Marise Guay 761 0
COVID-19 and learning a second language: Embracing the unknown Maria Kalsatos 1827 0
Discovering the Atikamekw language Ève Lyne Marchand 1982 0
Esperanto: A fair international language Nicolas Viau 8566 5
Even though I’m tiny, I’m mighty Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 2315 0
Explore and Destination Clic: Two language immersion programs Mélanie Roy 5774 0
Five ways to achieve total immersion in a language without leaving your house Brandon DeRiggs 4067 1
Francization in Laval: The state of the issue Samuel d’Haese 6382 2
Francophone identity and community support: Why they’re important! Marie Anich 981 0
From Vancouver to Jonquière Tolga Yalkin 2931 1
He pūkoʻa kani ʻāina (A coral reef grows into an island): Building our Indigenous language capacity Candace Galla 4257 2
How my love of words shaped my life Ana Conan 9984 3
How to pronounce the French “u” and “r” sounds Emily Power 9870 1
I speak, therefore I am Pascale Bourque 7996 1
Improving the way you learn a language Valdiceia de Oliveira 3849 3
In praise of old-fashioned language classes Caroline Gadenne 2772 4
Inclusion and exclusion: A risk in bilingual education in Canada Monica Tang 3857 0
Indigenous language resources: My treasure chest Mélanie Guay 5088 2
Interlingua: An international language Martin Lavallée 14178 5
Language: A window into seeing and appreciating the world Samson Young 2539 11
Learning a language with joy, gratitude and persistence Min Ji Kim 6415 1
Learning a second language: Being deaf won’t stop me Maryse Allain 4232 0
Learning French without “dropping the potato” Patrick McKenna 2281 2
Learning to write: It’s child’s play! Marise Guay 1969 1
Let’s celebrate our passion for languages this summer Nicolas Viau 2734 0
Literacy connections through food storytelling Lisa Trout 1414 2
Live, laugh and learn in French Laetitia Walbert 3117 4
My English language journey: Learning, improving and still having fun! Daniela Faillace 2497 9
Nourishing minds: The role of food education in second language classrooms Lisa Trout 52 0
Online vs. in-person language learning: Which works better? Nadia Helal 724 2
Passing on a love for words Monya Doryani 838 1
Promoting real and active bilingualism Jean-Pierre Blais 3827 1
Reading and writing: Festive fun Marise Guay 262 1
Reflections on an Anglo-Gatinois childhood Arwa Ahmed 1728 0
Revitalizing Indigenous languages in Canada Steeves Gourgues 6530 1
Second-language immersion: A year in Vancouver Mélanie Roy 4709 0
Speech therapists, a.k.a. “word doctors” Sonia Routhier 2256 0
Teaching both English and French as a second language in Quebec Julie de Belle 3440 8
Téléfun: Case study of an informal language partners program Mélanie Rivet 2906 0
Ten good reasons to learn French Mélanie Roy 9469 5
The charm of language Zhang Hui 4858 12
The gift of bilingualism: Raising my kids with English and French Lindsay Bach 84 0
The gift of expressing myself in both languages Jill Barber 1622 0
The gift of language Shelina Adatia 10067 2
To baby talk or not to baby talk Amy Warr 7941 4
Unconventional ways to learn a language if you’re stuck at home and on a budget Courtney Anderson 2046 1
Wendat kwatatiahtah! (Let’s speak Wendat!): The resurgence of a language Steeves Gourgues 3204 1
What bilingualism means to me Stéphan Déry 22518 8
What Gallicisms are and why we use them Fatima Rizzo 15245 3
What’s my level of French? Caroline Gadenne 3973 0
Why I love learning French Jennifer S. 6732 5