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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
10 practical tips to enrich your French vocabulary Lorrayne G. Camper 22059 9
5 places to visit to practise your second language Lucie Séguin 5020 0
5 tools to discover in the Language Portal Fatima Rizzo 12167 4
A simple “Bonjour” can change everything Pascale Bourque 7192 2
Alexis Normand: Fransaskoise, and proud of it! Marie-Claude Picard 1025 1
Be daring: Speak in your second language Caroline Bowden 6130 4
Bilingualism: A gift from my father Michael Vandergrift 1827 1
Building bilingual brains: The importance of French second-language education in Canada Rianna Crawford 5019 0
COVID-19 and learning a second language: Embracing the unknown Maria Kalsatos 1828 0
Five ways to achieve total immersion in a language without leaving your house Brandon DeRiggs 4069 1
Francization in Laval: The state of the issue Samuel d’Haese 6385 2
From Vancouver to Jonquière Tolga Yalkin 2931 1
How to pronounce the French “u” and “r” sounds Emily Power 9875 1
In praise of old-fashioned language classes Caroline Gadenne 2773 4
Inclusion and exclusion: A risk in bilingual education in Canada Monica Tang 3861 0
jimchab and his passion for the Francophone culture Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 10438 0
Language: A window into seeing and appreciating the world Samson Young 2541 11
Laugh and learn with holiday songs Marise Guay 4104 0
Learning a language with joy, gratitude and persistence Min Ji Kim 6415 1
Learning French without “dropping the potato” Patrick McKenna 2285 2
Literacy connections through food storytelling Lisa Trout 1417 2
Live, laugh and learn in French Laetitia Walbert 3123 4
Living and working in French in the National Capital Region Catherine Larose 5926 1
Nourishing minds: The role of food education in second language classrooms Lisa Trout 65 0
Projects BY and FOR official language minority communities Arwa Ahmed 1434 0
Reflections on an Anglo-Gatinois childhood Arwa Ahmed 1729 0
Taking the plunge into your second language Steven MacKinnon 2255 1
Teaching both English and French as a second language in Quebec Julie de Belle 3444 8
Ten good reasons to learn French Mélanie Roy 9482 5
The role of French immersion programs in the vitality of British Columbia’s linguistic duality Alex Hughes 5721 4
What’s my level of French? Caroline Gadenne 3992 0
Why Canada needs a language museum Katharine Snider McNair 5364 0
Why I love learning French Jennifer S. 6734 5