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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
10 practical tips to enrich your French vocabulary Lorrayne G. Camper 22040 9
4 ways French has influenced the English language Chad Emery 78985 15
8 French words I miss in English: Untranslatable words chez les Anglais Lauren Shapiro 7026 7
A brief guide to inclusive writing resources Barbara McClintock 4025 1
Adapted books for persons with a disability: Copyright law terminology Barbara McClintock 2281 0
Anacoluthon: A stylistic error Ève Lyne Marchand 2905 2
Changing times, changing vocabulary Charles Slowey 2072 1
Chuchotements d’éveil: A writing workshop like no other Nathalie Rondeau 2829 0
Comic books and graphic novels: A primer Ève Lyne Marchand 3504 0
Condo dreaming in Quebec Barbara McClintock 2676 0
Condo terminology for those who dream of buying a condo Barbara McClintock 6044 1
Creating a bilingual lexicon: A collaborative approach Christiane Arsenault 4249 0
Five new words for tech buffs Marc-André Descôteaux 7138 0
Food for thought: Exploring the origins of culinary terms Marc-André Descôteaux 154589 30
Gender-inclusive, non-binary, and gender-neutral language in English writing Natalie Kouri-Towe and Danielle Bobker 4874 6
How word origins can help you keep “-onym” words straight Natalie Ballard 4456 0
Laugh and learn with holiday songs Marise Guay 4104 0
Make an impression with stylistic devices Ève Lyne Marchand 7133 1
Moving? Changes to Quebec co-ownership rules Barbara McClintock 3059 2
Salutations and complimentary closes made simple Natalie Ballard 158298 7
The august origins of August: A month and so much more! Sophia Désir 1473 6
The French invasion of English André Racicot 3947 1
The language of tweets and hashtags: A bilingual mini-glossary of social media terms Chantal Potvin 52772 5
The round ball and its double identity Marise Guay 5322 0
Update on the words “Inuk” and “Inuit” Language Portal of Canada team 4714 0
Valentine’s Day: Sweet nothings Sophia Désir 367 5
Watch out for these irksome idioms Sheila Ethier 130 0
What do puffins, parrots and clowns have in common? Josée Marie-Lise Robillard 807 2
What Gallicisms are and why we use them Fatima Rizzo 15233 3
Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? To cliché, or not to cliché: that is the question Desmond Fisher 4508 2
“Hot” summer quizzes Fanny Vittecoq 7288 4