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faire table rase: suggested translations

faire table rase
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "faire table rase."

do away with, get rid of, go back to square one, make a clean sweep, scrap, throw away, throw out, wipe the slate clean

  • faire table rase d’une pratique désuète / do away with (get rid of) an outdated practice
  • faire table rase et recommencer à zéro / go back to square one and start again from scratch
  • faire table rase du passé / make a clean sweep of the past
  • faire table rase de tout le travail déjà effectué / scrap all the work that has already been done
  • faire table rase d’une mauvaise idée / throw away (throw out) a bad idea
  • voici une occasion de faire table rase / here is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean

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