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assimiler: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "assimiler."

absorb, appreciate, assimilate, come to grips with, comprehend, digest, equate, grasp, integrate, keep abreast of, keep up with, liken, process, take in, understand

  • assimiler beaucoup d’informations / absorb (grasp, take in) lots of information
  • assimiler tout l’aspect théorique complexe du problème / appreciate the complexities of the theoretical aspects of the problem
  • assimiler les valeurs du pays / assimilate the country’s values
  • il s’agit d’un concept difficile à assimiler / it is a difficult concept to come to grips with (understand)
  • leur permettre de bien assimiler l’information / enable them to comprehend (understand) the information properly
  • laisser le groupe de travail assimiler tout cela / let the working group digest that material
  • assimiler le montant d’argent affecté au programme et les effets souhaités / equate the amount of money spent on the program with the desired results
  • assimiler les immigrants de diverses souches / integrate immigrants from diverse backgrounds
  • assimiler les changements apportés au système / keep abreast of (keep up with) the changes to the system
  • assimiler deux domaines complètement différents sans distinction / liken two completely different areas without distinction
  • assimiler une mine de renseignements techniques / process vast amounts of technical data
  • il faut beaucoup de temps pour assimiler les réponses / it takes a long time to take in the answers

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