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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
5 festive songs and their origins Ève Lyne Marchand 2021-12-13 2100 4
Cree language facts for editors of English and French Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 2019-08-05 5608 1
Cultural revitalization: Drawing on the past for a better future Kevin Lewis 2020-06-19 10997 7
Dictionaries and Indigenous languages Julia Fischer 2020-01-13 6721 7
Discovering the Atikamekw language Ève Lyne Marchand 2022-01-31 1956 0
Elisapie: A woman who cherishes tradition Sophie Martin 2022-03-07 2458 2
Even though I’m tiny, I’m mighty Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 2020-03-09 2306 0
French in Canada: Some interesting facts you may not know Katharine Snider McNair 2018-02-19 33879 7
Grammatical gender in the Cree language Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 2019-10-28 8843 3
He pūkoʻa kani ʻāina (A coral reef grows into an island): Building our Indigenous language capacity Candace Galla 2020-02-24 4239 2
Indigenous geographical names and the power they hold Jean-Luc Fournier 2019-06-17 7776 1
Indigenous language resources: My treasure chest Mélanie Guay 2018-10-22 5068 2
Indigenous languages: The road ahead Gina Wilson 2023-09-05 5142 11
Innu: A rapidly transforming language Jérémie Ambroise and Mélanie Guay 2021-06-14 4678 0
Jessica Coon: Linguistic superstar Julie Morin and Denise Ramsankar 2018-09-24 8179 2
Language as inspiration Joanne Leclair 2022-06-13 1059 0
Revitalizing Indigenous languages in Canada Steeves Gourgues 2020-08-03 6438 1
Standard spelling in Cree Arden Ogg and Dorothy Thunder 2020-03-30 6740 1
Update on the words “Inuk” and “Inuit” Language Portal of Canada team 2023-02-06 4367 0
Wendat kwatatiahtah! (Let’s speak Wendat!): The resurgence of a language Steeves Gourgues 2021-03-22 3139 1
Why Canada needs a language museum Katharine Snider McNair 2017-11-20 5361 0