email: advantages


Communication by email takes considerably less time than writing and sending a letter or memorandum. Email can be delivered to all parts of the world minutes. In addition, if you click on the “Receipt” or equivalent button, you will be automatically notified of the time your message was read.


Messages can be sent to specific individuals or to predefined lists of recipients within a local area network. Moreover, it is possible to send attachments with your message, including files, programs, graphics, and audio and video material.


Electronic letters or memorandums can be delivered more quickly and less expensively. They can also be processed by the recipient in a fraction of the time required to receive, read, answer and send correspondence on paper or to communicate by telephone or fax.

Data sharing

With the use of local area networks, employees can make use of shared storage locations to access files for reviewing, editing or consulting purposes. Keep in mind that, when you have opened a document stored at a shared location, other users cannot work on it.

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