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scruter: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "scruter."

analyze, assess, check, examine, go through, inspect, investigate, look carefully at, look closely at, look very closely at, monitor, put under the microscope, review, scan, screen, scrutinize, search, study, take a close look at, take a good look at, take a hard look at, trace, track, watch

  • scruter l’impact qu’aura un changement de protocole sur le gouvernement / analyze (assess, monitor, study) the impact a change in protocol will have on the government
  • scruter un document pour la ponctuation / check (scan) a document for punctuation
  • scruter les détails d’un accord très complexe / examine (check) the details of a very complex agreement
  • scruter à la loupe des milliers de dossiers / go through thousands of files with a fine-tooth comb
  • scruter les activités d’un ministère / inspect (investigate, review, scrutinize) the activities of a department
  • scruter la politique sur l’embauche de nouveaux employés / look carefully at the policy on hiring new employees
  • scruter les documents que présente un postulant / look (very) closely at the documents submitted by a job applicant
  • le commissaire scrutera le processus de prise de décision / the commissioner will monitor the decision-making process
  • la PDG scrutera l’analyse de rentabilisation / the business case will be put under the microscope (scrutinized) by the CEO
  • scruter les constatations du rapport de façon opportune / review (examine) the report’s findings in a timely fashion
  • scruter un discours pour y repérer les incohérences / scan a speech for inconsistencies
  • scruter les antécédents de chaque candidat / screen the background of each candidate
  • scruter un plan d’action proposé par l’agence / scrutinize (examine, review) an action plan submitted by the agency
  • scruter une base de données / search a database
  • scruter un programme et ses dispositions budgétaires / study (review) a program and its budgetary provisions
  • scruter les conditions d’un accord / take a close (good, hard) look at the terms of an agreement
  • scruter l’histoire culturelle du Canada des 100 dernières années / trace the cultural history of Canada over the past 100 years
  • scruter la performance d’une politique après son implantation / track (assess, monitor, watch) the performance of a policy after it is implemented

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