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en catimini: suggested translations

en catimini
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "en catimini."

behind closed doors, in secret, on the sly, quietly, secretly, surreptitiously, under the table

  • la réunion s’est déroulée en catimini / the meeting took place behind closed doors
  • la fête de Gilbert a été planifiée en catimini / Gilbert’s party was planned in secret (secretly)
  • Lindsay mange en catimini les bonbons de sa collègue / Lindsay is eating her colleague’s candy on the sly
  • le voleur a pénétré en catimini dans la maison, en passant par une fenêtre / the thief quietly entered the house through a window
  • le chat observait l’aquarium en catimini / the cat surreptitiously watched the fish tank
  • ils organisent souvent des marchés en catimini / they often conduct deals under the table

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