Plainly said

Have you ever read a text and wondered "Why doesn't the writer just say what they mean?" That’s where plain language comes in! When you want to communicate a specific message to your audience, it’s important to use clear, simple language.

See if you can pick out a simpler word to use in the sentences below.

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1. In Canada, it’s customary to tip your server when dining out.
2. The company will terminate his contract.
3. It’s important to economize now for a future down payment on a house.
4. The editor found an egregious error in the manuscript.
5. Five countries will accede to the proposal.
6. The CRTC will increase its operating budget to cover the aforementioned expenses.
7. Arlene chided Ernie for taking a long time to finish his homework.
8. They were able to consolidate the information from the files.
9. Tom subsequently held a number of positions in the federal government.
10. The office is using online courses to facilitate employee training.