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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
10 interesting facts on translation and translators Marc-André Descôteaux 2017-09-25 27330 8
A historical overview of the “grammar-translation” method for teaching foreign languages Alejandro Hernández Jaramillo 2019-05-13 1237 1
My love for translation, interpretation … and Acadia Sandy Harquail 2019-01-28 1822 2
The top 5 free terminology research 2.0 tools Olivier Doré 2017-09-05 4327 1
Translation and technology: Where things stand Desmond Fisher 2017-11-06 3412 2
Translation: Let’s trust the professionals Alexandra Martin-Roche 2019-07-22 1768 5
What bilingualism means to me Stéphan Déry 2017-09-05 11172 8