Types of nouns 2

There are many different types of nouns: proper, common, concrete, abstract, countable, non-countable, collective, verbal and compound. See if you can identify the types of nouns shown in square brackets in the sentences below.

1. The neighbours got together to set off firecrackers for [Canada Day].
2. David Lang, the [boy] who lost his dog, was inconsolable.
3. Certain fundamental [rights] and [freedoms] are guaranteed under Canadian law.
4. Marlene enjoys [singing] in her church choir.
5. Mrs. Wong’s music [class] won an award at the festival.
6. The [footprints] led away from the [riverbank] towards the [highway].
7. The recipe calls for a cup of [sugar].
8. One thin [dime] won’t buy a cup of coffee anymore.
9. [Marise] absent-mindedly stuck the [cheque] into the [book] she was reading.