That or which 3

Do you have problems choosing between the relative pronouns that and which? Many people do. Here's a tip: use that to introduce adjective clauses that provide essential information about the noun they modify. Use which to introduce adjective clauses that merely provide additional, non-essential information.

1. Fall is a season Answer line many Canadians enjoy.
2. The colourful foliage of the trees seems to brighten the sombre days Answer line get shorter and shorter as winter approaches.
3. Hikers enjoy the flaming reds, bright yellows and deep oranges of the autumn leaves Answer line make the landscape seem on fire.
4. The Lauriault Trail in Gatineau Park is a hike Answer line most beginners can enjoy.
5. An Algonquin elder built the birch bark canoe Answer line is on display in the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre.
6. The neighbours' mounds of fallen leaves Answer line they had carefully raked together earlier, became a playground for the children.
7. The dried-out leaves Answer line crunched beneath our feet were clear evidence of an approaching winter.