Symbols of Canada

Some Canadian symbols have been officially adopted by the Government of Canada. Other elements of our cultural heritage are simply recognized as “typically Canadian” around the world. Enrich your knowledge of our country’s symbols with this quiz!

1. What does the Canadian motto A mari usque ad mare mean?
2. Who wrote the original lyrics of Canada’s national anthem?
3. Which term designates the period during which maple syrup is made by collecting sap from maple trees and boiling it down?
4. While playing Canada’s national winter sport, if you "deke" an opponent, you
5. Which of the following terms refers to a figure made of stones piled on top of one another?
6. Placeholder for the answer is an iconic Canadian dish that originated in Quebec.
7. What nickname is often used for Canada’s one-dollar coin?
8. What was the official name of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when it was created in 1873?
9. A beaver’s home is called a Placeholder for the answer.
10. True or false? Inhabitants of Nova Scotia are called "bluenosers" after the Bluenose, the famous ship featured on Canada’s 10-cent coin.