Wicked witches in world literature

Every good plot is driven by conflict; and who better to provide it than a villain—or a villainess! Here from the pages of fantasy and folklore are 10 of literature’s wickedest witches. See if you can tell the identity of each witch from her description.

1. Under the reign of this sorceress, it is always winter and never Christmas.
2. Under this witch’s spell, men turn into swine.
3. This witch gives someone a power to walk that leaves her speechless.
4. This sorceress hates her half-brother, a king noted for his high ideals.
5. This witch, whose given name means “female warrior,” causes the death of her cousin.
6. This enchantress’s kisses cause forgetfulness.
7. This witch lives in a house on chicken legs and flies using a mortar and pestle instead of a broom.
8. This witch’s thumbs warn her of the approach of evil.
9. A shapeshifter who can turn into a serpent, this sorceress holds a prince in thrall.
10. This witch is deathly afraid of water.