Improve your writing: Say it with a verb!

Did you know that nouns in a sentence can sometimes contain hidden verbs? For example, in the sentence "I have an objection," the verb to object is hiding within the noun objection. To make your writing clear and effective, avoid hidden verbs. So instead of "I have an objection," get straight to the point with "I object!"

In each of the sentences below, there's a verb hidden within a noun. See if you can identify the noun that could be turned into its verb form to create a clear and effective sentence.

1. The cook provided an indication that the meal was ready to be served.
2. Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers took the decision to work together.
3. In school, Mandana displayed a tendency to daydream.
4. Twins Patrick and Sammy were in agreement about celebrating their birthday with a day trip to Montréal.
5. My naturopath has advised that I practise abstinence from all sources of caffeine.
6. Well-meaning friends launched a bombardment of questions at Finley about her experience.
7. Our intention is to continue helping vulnerable populations.
8. The Clerk of the Privy Council made the announcement that she would be retiring after a fulfilling career in the public service.
9. The investigators conducted an examination of the evidence.
10. The store placed a limit on the number of packages customers could buy.