Quotation marks 2

Quotation marks are important in English. We use them to set off slang or technical terms, quotations, dialogue or certain titles and also to mark definitions or translations. Knowing when to use quotation marks will give your writing a polished touch. See if you can identify which sentences obey the rules for quotation marks.

1. The principal added “that, in the event of rain, the field trip would be cancelled.”
2. “I’m getting a new dog,” said Logan, “and he’ll need vaccinations.”
3. The clerk complained, “When the lawyer said her client had “a mysterious heir,” I thought she meant “an air of mystery.”
4. The false cognate “librairie” really means bookstore in English.
5. To look inside the ear, a doctor uses an “otoscope.”
6. In the poetry competition, Alyssa recited the poem “The Song My Paddle Sings.”
7. That poem can be found in the book “Flint and Feather,” a collection of Pauline Johnson’s poetry.