Me or myself 2

Me and myself are both pronouns. Me (like us, him, her and them) is the object form of a personal pronoun, used when the pronoun is the object of a verb or a preposition (helped me; with me).

Myself (like yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves and themselves) is a compound personal pronoun, used to refer to a noun or pronoun in the same sentence. Compound personal pronouns can show that an action reflects back on the subject (I hurt myself), or they can show emphasis (I did it myself; I myself did it).

See if you know when to use these two types of pronouns by taking this short quiz.

1. Isabelle joined Tom and Placeholder for the answer for a day of sailing on Lac Deschênes.
2. Claire and Jerry brought the children with Placeholder for the answer.
3. Michela, who had a craving for ice cream, bought a litre of gelato for her cousin and Placeholder for the answer.
4. When Gord insisted on driving, we let Placeholder for the answer take the wheel.
5. “Watch out for Placeholder for the answer!” our friends cried out, as they saw our toboggan slip sideways towards the edge of the cliff.
6. I prepared a lunch of salads and fruit for Placeholder for the answer.
7. Since Lauren was expecting Greg to ask her out, she decided to give Placeholder for the answer a manicure.
8. Placeholder for the answer finished the yard work so that the children could study for their test.