Logic 1: What’s wrong with this thinking?

Each of the following statements represents a logic error. See if you can identify the error.

1. If you start letting your teenagers stay out late, soon they will get into drinking and taking drugs, and their lives will be ruined!
2. This world-renowned American economist says that Canadian logging practices are environmentally sound.
3. It is normal for business writers to use expressions like "pursuant to your request" or "attached herewith please find." This kind of language has been used for decades and sounds professional. So why change?
4. The committee was to meet last week to discuss the changes to the project, so a decision still has to be made.
5. Most hospital workers think that the health care industry needs more funding. Therefore, hospitals should get more money.
6. My son David has been playing a lot with the boy who just moved to the neighbourhood; I recently caught David stealing money out of my purse. He'll have to stop playing with the new boy.
7. If you believe in censorship, you have no commitment to free speech.
8. Everyone I know believes we should pay women to stay home with their children. It's obviously the right choice.