Dangling modifiers 2

You can wear dangling earrings with a strapless dress, lead a horse to water with a dangling carrot and tap your toes to Paul Simon’s "The Dangling Conversation." But what can you do with dangling modifiers? Recognize and avoid them!

Can you tell whether the sentences below are correct or contain dangling modifiers?

1. Tom’s feet were already frozen before putting on thick socks.
2. Making bread from scratch requires patience and commitment.
3. After seeing a truck slide into a snow bank, Danika’s attention was focused on the road ahead.
4. To open Brian’s computer, his password is needed.
5. Kirsten borrowed the book, thinking it was good.
6. Once in the studio, the band’s new song was recorded live.
7. Kayaking down the river, the Chinook salmon headed to their spawning grounds.