All about parentheses

Parentheses, also called round brackets, are used for both general and specialized purposes. Plus, there are specific rules for using other punctuation marks with parentheses. There's more to this multipurpose pair than meets the eye!

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below to see how much you know about the particulars of parentheses!

1. Parentheses are used to provide additional information, such as examples, Placeholder for the answer, brief explanations and comments.
2. The information between parentheses must not Placeholder for the answer.
3. My grandmother Placeholder for the answer my mom, my sister and I have started a knitting club.
4. She'll meet us there Placeholder for the answer, so we'll save her a seat.
5. I love the summer, but there's something so calming about the fall Placeholder for the answer
6. Parentheses are not used to enclose Placeholder for the answer.
7. After my run Placeholder for the answer I did 20 minutes of yoga.
8. Commas or Placeholder for the answer can replace parentheses to give an idea greater emphasis.
9. In legal documents, parentheses (not square brackets) are used to enclose Placeholder for the answer.
10. I forgot my ear plugs and my sleep mask Placeholder for the answer.