Are you adept at adverbs?

An adverb is a part of speech that describes (or modifies) a verb (or a verb form), an adjective or another adverb. It can answer questions such as when?, where?, how?, why?, to what degree? or how probable is it?

In the sentences below, identify all the adverbs. If you need help, check out our writing tip on adverbs. Caution: don't fall into the trap! Some adjectives and adverbs have the same form!

1. Try taking a daily walk to keep both your mind and your body moving freely.
2. Naheed attends free yoga classes and thoroughly enjoys them.
3. I heard the guide say, in a very serious voice, "Stay close to the group."
4. Tobi made a sudden movement, and the birds flew high into the sky.
5. Off-campus students can easily travel to the university via the city's light rail system.
6. The division searched far and wide for a suitable candidate to join the team.
7. The weather will most likely remain warm for the rest of the week.
8. Spring has finally arrived! We're seeing more and more Canada geese in the sky.
9. It's likely that the squirrel will try to climb the bird feeder again.
10. Since the family moved to Windsor, they often cycle the 5.3-kilometre Ganatchio Bike Trail on Sundays.