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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
A brief guide to inclusive writing resources Barbara McClintock 4046 1
Adapted books for persons with a disability: Copyright law terminology Barbara McClintock 2284 0
Cométique: Beyond the cosmetics of a street Josée Marie-Lise Robillard 863 0
Comic books and graphic novels: A primer Ève Lyne Marchand 3510 0
Condo dreaming in Quebec Barbara McClintock 2680 0
Condo terminology for those who dream of buying a condo Barbara McClintock 6069 1
Creating a bilingual lexicon: A collaborative approach Christiane Arsenault 4252 0
Cryptocurrency vocabulary: Genesis of a terminology project Xavier Darras 4245 1
Five new words for tech buffs Marc-André Descôteaux 7140 0
Let’s talk Agile Ève Lyne Marchand 2711 6
Moving? Changes to Quebec co-ownership rules Barbara McClintock 3069 2
The language of climate change Francis Pedneault 2852 2
The odd case of autrefois acquit and autrefois convict: How an obscure form of legal French influenced Canadian legal terminology Frédérique Bertrand-Le Borgne 3143 1
Update on the words “Inuk” and “Inuit” Language Portal of Canada team 4863 0
What do puffins, parrots and clowns have in common? Josée Marie-Lise Robillard 816 2
Writing about people with hearing loss: A primer on terminology Melanie Sexton 4806 1