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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
A conversation with Patrick Chan and Caroline Savoie, spokespersons for the 2019 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie Marc-André Descôteaux 6191 1
A knack for languages and a nose for wine Alexandre Faster 1588 0
Bonjour my friend!: Promoting Canada’s linguistic duality Marc-André Descôteaux 3085 1
Discovering the Atikamekw language Ève Lyne Marchand 1987 0
Elisapie: A woman who cherishes tradition Sophie Martin 2509 2
Even though I’m tiny, I’m mighty Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 2321 0
Jessica Coon: Linguistic superstar Julie Morin and Denise Ramsankar 8181 2
jimchab and his passion for the Francophone culture Mélanie Guay and Julie Morin 10438 0
Language as inspiration Joanne Leclair 1070 0
LeFLOFRANCO: The art of juggling with languages Sophia Désir 1019 0
Meet the spokespersons for the 2018 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie Nicole Dugré 5138 0
Micheline Marchildon: A natural ally of the Francophonie Marise Guay 253 0
The language (and art) of stand-up comedy Nadia Helal 5512 2
Wendat kwatatiahtah! (Let’s speak Wendat!): The resurgence of a language Steeves Gourgues 3218 1