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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
5 reasons why reading aloud isn’t just for children Julia Sandford-Cooke 2018-03-26 16000 7
7 careers for the literature major Fatima Rizzo 2018-04-23 6999 0
7 wonders of literary language Nadia Helal 2020-05-11 5871 1
A certain je ne sais quoi Annie-Josiane Sessou 2022-03-21 912 0
Add a little poetry to your life Nathalie Rondeau 2023-01-09 295 0
An ode to libraries Caroline Gadenne 2020-10-05 804 0
Award-winning titles for Asian Heritage Month Josephine Versace 2018-05-07 3280 0
Canadian authors who lull my children to sleep Marise Guay 2021-03-29 841 0
Challenges Chinese students encounter when studying Shakespeare Haiyi Yan 2022-04-19 1139 2
Chuchotements d’éveil: A writing workshop like no other Nathalie Rondeau 2019-05-27 2476 0
Comic books and graphic novels: A primer Ève Lyne Marchand 2020-07-06 2708 0
Four tips for writing short, simple poetry Maria Magdeleina Lotfi 2018-08-06 5555 4
How my love of words shaped my life Ana Conan 2018-01-08 9225 3
I dance with words Annie-Josiane Sessou 2021-03-08 1470 2
Multicultural Book Club: An ambitious task Nazila Khalkhali 2020-01-27 15104 0
The French legend of King Arthur Steffan Landry 2020-05-25 3889 2