Review: Identifying Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers


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Indicate whether each sentence does or does not contain a misplaced modifier or a dangling modifier.

  1. Flashing a huge grin, Ralph apologized for being late and then handed his grandmother a bouquet of lilacs.
  2. The surgeon was able to quickly and painlessly remove the stitches from Greta’s forehead.
  3. After gathering wild flowers and pressing them between the pages of a heavy book, the dried petals were ready for Teresa to make greeting cards.
  4. We had almost watched the entire movie when the person behind us blurted out, "The doctor did it!"
  5. Before buying a new stereo, you should carefully consider what you need and what you can afford.
  6. I heard that he got married to a countess with a vast fortune in a small church in Italy.
  7. Covered with bowls of strawberries, plates of bread and cheese, trays of squares and cookies, and huge frosted cakes, the OK Dance Club had organized a magnificent tea.
  8. After borrowing from all his friends, he had barely enough money to pay his rent.
  9. To succeed in engineering, some technical writing ability is a definite asset.
  10. My best friend is starting a weight-gain regimen in two weeks of five meals a day.

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