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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
4 simple tips for writing an effective speech Stanley Igboanugo 2020-07-20 3457 2
5 tips to improve your email writing skills Catherine Haggerty 2018-02-12 212830 64
Creating a bilingual lexicon: A collaborative approach Christiane Arsenault 2018-04-30 4235 0
How to deliver bad news Sheila Ethier 2018-04-09 10127 8
How to evaluate using the sandwich method Anvita Saxena 2018-06-26 30673 8
Living and working in French in the National Capital Region Catherine Larose 2018-04-03 5923 1
Making letters and emails gender-inclusive Josephine Versace 2018-02-05 268748 33
Writing a summary Elva Keip 2023-04-03 1712 2
Writing as an organizational communication tool Yasmina El Jamaï 2022-04-04 1252 0