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(A similar topic is discussed in French in the article points cardinaux.)

In writing compass points (or compass directions), follow the guidelines below.

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Capitalize when the compass points refer to

  • part of an address:
    • 150 East Dundas Street
    • 111 King St. West
  • abbreviated directions:
    • winds NNW
    • 28 miles SW of the city
  • informal district names:
    • the Eastern Townships
    • the South Shore
  • specific geographic divisions:
    • the Northwest Territories
    • North Vancouver
  • political or administrative rather than simply geographic divisions:
    • the West
    • Western values
    • Western Europe
    • the East Coast
    • the Far North
    • Northern Ireland

Do not capitalize

Do not capitalize when the compass points are used

  • as purely descriptive terms:
    • southern exposure
    • the north side of the house
  • as compass directions:
    • Go south four blocks.
    • Drive north to get to the highway.
  • as orientations:
    • a garden to the west of the house
    • We live east of Ottawa.
  • for unofficial geographic divisions:
    • northern New Brunswick
    • the west of Saskatchewan
    • the east coast of Canada


Compass points containing two directions are written as one word:

  • northeast
  • southwest

Compass points containing three directions are hyphenated:

  • north-northeast
  • west-southwest


The list below shows the abbreviations for the 16 compass points.

Compass point abbreviations
Compass Point Abbreviation
north N
northeast NE
northwest NW
north-northeast NNE
north-northwest NNW
east E
east-northeast ENE
east-southeast ESE
south S
southeast SE
southwest SW
south-southeast SSE
south-southwest SSW
west W
west-northwest WNW
west-southwest WSW

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