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Post title Author Posting date Number of views Number of comments
10 practical tips to enrich your French vocabulary Lorrayne Camper 2018-04-16 21509 9
5 places to visit to practise your second language Lucie Séguin 2017-12-11 4917 0
5 tools to discover in the Language Portal Fatima Rizzo 2017-10-10 11872 4
Challenges Chinese students encounter when studying Shakespeare Haiyi Yan 2022-04-19 1611 2
Explore and Destination Clic: Two language immersion programs Mélanie Roy 2019-01-07 5615 0
Five ways to achieve total immersion in a language without leaving your house Brandon DeRiggs 2019-04-29 3867 1
Language: A window into seeing and appreciating the world Samson Young 2022-10-03 2036 10
Learning a language with joy, gratitude and persistence Min Ji Kim 2018-01-15 6183 1
Learning a second language: Being deaf won’t stop me Maryse Allain 2018-09-17 4084 0
My English language journey: Learning, improving and still having fun! Daniela Faillace 2022-06-27 1974 8
Projects BY and FOR official language minority communities Arwa Ahmed 2022-05-30 1119 0
Teaching both English and French as a second language in Quebec Julie de Belle 2021-04-12 3046 8
The charm of language Zhang Hui 2021-11-15 4282 11
Why Canada needs a language museum Katharine Snider McNair 2017-11-20 5281 0