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Video transcript – Discover Language Navigator

Start of video


(Animation showing a character with a raised hand.)

This is Sam.

(A desk appears with a computer, plant and mug on it. Sam sits on a chair. A question appears on the computer: “Is the sailboat stationery or stationary?”)

Sam writes, translates and revises texts on a regular basis.

(Zoom in. A question mark appears above Sam’s head.)

Today, a language issue has this professional stumped.

(We are immersed in the screen and looking at a seascape. Sam is sailing on a paper boat, holding a spyglass. Some books are floating in the ocean. There are clouds floating in the background).

But, in a sea of language tools, which one to choose?

(Moving upward. We see a starry sky with some clouds, and the words “The Language Portal of Canada presents Language Navigator” are displayed.)

Sam, have you thought about the Language Navigator?

(Back at the desk, a web page is shown on the computer with the words “Punctuation,” “Grammar,” “Spelling,” “Conjugation” and “Vocabulary.”)

This search engine goes through a wide range of resources,

(The page scrolls, and three boxes with the words “Writing tools,” “Language quizzes” and “Our Languages blog” are displayed.)

including the Writing Tools and Quizzes of the Language Portal of Canada.

(The page scrolls again. Under the word “Search” is a search box containing the words “stationery or stationary.”)

For an answer to a very specific question, or for information on a particular theme,

(A Results page is shown on the computer, then the compass rose symbolizing the Language Navigator appears.)

the Language Navigator is the tool you need.

(We are immersed in the screen again. On the boat, Sam throws a fishing line into the water.)

The Language Navigator enables you to launch a search in the official language of your choice.

(The line sinks among several floating books and air bubbles.)

It will take you to thousands of pages written, in particular, by Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau specialists.

(The line goes down, then catches a book among the seaweed. Sam fishes out the book, which bears the compass rose symbolizing the Language Navigator.)

So Sam, in this sea of resources, choose the one that will lead you to where you need to go: choose the Language Navigator.

(Sam is back at the desk. The book with the compass rose appears on the computer’s screen. A green star, the “favorites” symbol, appears above the computer.)

And Sam, don’t forget to add it to your favourites before you dive back into your text!

(Moving upward. We see a starry sky with some clouds. The Facebook and Twitter icons appear, with their respective addresses, “,” “Our_languages.”)

(On a white background, the Public Services and Procurement Canada departmental signature appears.)

(On a white background, the wordmark “Canada” appears.)

End of the video

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