British and Canadian English

The English language is full of colourful expressions. But that colour can vary depending on the variety of English we speak!

The sentences below contain British words or expressions within quotation marks. Choose the corresponding Canadian word or expression.

1. After a full day's work, Caroline flopped down on the bed and declared, "I'm knackered!"
2. Esther always makes herself a "cuppa" after work.
3. I could "murder" a sarnie right now.
4. The young mother was busy folding the baby's "nappies."
5. During the power outage, we used a "torch" to get around in the darkness.
6. Nigel picked us up at the airport in his "estate car."
7. Don't listen to him. He's "all mouth and trousers."
8. The server was upset because the customer she was waiting on "did a runner."
9. The "lorry" swerved sharply to avoid another vehicle.
10. Ahmed was "chuffed" when he heard the news.