Bilingual travel expressions

For many people, travel is one of life's greatest pleasures. When we leave home and explore the world, we discover amazing places, meet memorable people … and even learn new expressions!

In the short story below, choose the correct translation for the travel expressions in quotation marks.

1. Valerie and Thomas "hit the road" late at night.
2. They had to take a Placeholder for the answer ("vol de nuit") to Asia.
3. Once there, they have no immediate plans: they'll start by "wandering around" for a few days.
4. It's not a bad idea, since "jet lag" is hard to deal with.
5. Thomas and Valerie therefore spend a few days "touring" around the city.
6. But what Valerie likes most of all is "to go off the beaten path."
7. One thing's for sure: both friends would like to Placeholder for the answer ("loger chez l'habitant") for at least a few days.
8. What's important for them is meeting and connecting with the Placeholder for the answer ("gens du pays").
9. After two weeks of travel, Valerie is starting to Placeholder for the answer ("avoir le mal du pays").
10. It's now time for the two friends to go back home … until they get "itchy feet" again!