From sea to sea: Canada’s provincial and territorial mottos

A variety of symbols are used to represent each of Canada’s provinces and territories: a coat of arms, a flower, a bird, a gemstone … and even a tartan! Most provinces and territories also have a motto, and that's the focus of our quiz.

Test your knowledge of provincial and territorial mottos by choosing the right answer for each question below.

1. What is Ontario’s motto?
2. New Brunswick was founded as a refuge for British Loyalists fleeing the United States during the American Revolution, and that fact is reflected in its motto. What is it?
3. Nova Scotia’s motto, “One defends and the other conquers,” appears on the province’s Placeholder for the answer.
4. Quebec’s motto is hard to forget. What is it?
5. Nunavut sanginivut (Our land, our strength) is Nunavut’s motto in Placeholder for the answer, one of the territory’s official languages.
6. Manitoba’s motto, “Glorious and free,” is taken from the patriotic song Placeholder for the answer.
7. The motto of British Columbia is Splendor sine occasu, which is often translated as “Splendour without diminishment.” What does this motto mean?
8. The motto of Newfoundland and Labrador is Placeholder for the answer.
9. Which province or territory has the motto “The small under the protection of the great”?
10. What is the meaning of Canada’s motto, A mari usque ad mare?