Parts of a business letter

There are a number of rules governing the content and layout of the parts of a business letter. Test your knowledge of these rules by answering the questions below.

If you need a little help, go to Language Navigator and search for “business letters” to find our series of writing tips on this topic.

1. The pre-printed part of the letter that appears across the top margin and includes the name of the business is called the Placeholder for the answer.
2. Which example below shows the recommended way to write the date in a business letter?
3. Instructions such as “personal,” “confidential” or “registered” are usually written entirely in capitals. True or false?
4. What do we call the part of the letter that contains the receiver’s name and mailing address?
5. On the envelope, the receiver’s address should be written entirely in capitals, without commas or periods. True or false?
6. What is the correct notation to indicate the purpose of a letter?
7. Which answer illustrates the correct form for the salutation (greeting) in a business letter?
8. The body of the letter is followed by the complimentary close. Which of the complimentary closes below is correct?
9. What abbreviation is used to indicate that a separate document accompanies the letter?
10. What does the abbreviation “cc” indicate?