Fun facts about translation

There are over 7 000 languages in the world, and not everyone speaks more than one! Translators play an important role in helping people to communicate.

Take our quiz to learn some interesting facts about translation while putting your language skills to the test!

1. French is one of the languages that Placeholder for the answer most translated in the world.
2. The Bible is thought to be the most translated publication. In the previous sentence, the modifier "most translated" is in the Placeholder for the answer form.
3. In the following sentence, how should the title in brackets be formatted: The novel [The Little Prince] has been translated into hundreds of languages and dialects?
4. Over 600 000 people Placeholder for the answer translation as a profession.
5. Identify the appositive in the following sentence: The Index Translationum, a UNESCO database, is a list of books translated in some 100 countries.
6. "To translate," which means "to express the sense of a word in another language," is of Latin origin. In the previous sentence, "which" is a Placeholder for the answer.
7. Identify the error in the following sentence: Predating the common era, it is believed that the translation profession is over 2 000 years old!
8. Scientist Émilie de Breteuil translated Isaac Newton's law of universal gravitation into French. The French word for "scientist" is Placeholder for the answer.
9. Fill in the blank to make the following sentence parallel: The Cyrillic alphabet, named for translator Saint Cyril, is used today to write Placeholder for the answer.
10. "Writers make national literature Placeholder for the answer while translators make universal literature."