Test yourself—Further questions from the inbox

Choose the correct word. Read the article Further questions from the inbox to help you out.

1. Graciously yet firmly, Aunt Matilda declined the kipper-topped waffles we offered her for breakfast, explaining that she was still digesting all the (food/foods) she’d eaten the night before.
2. Following this section (is/are) several case studies that illustrate the importance of having regular dental checkups.
3. Ever since we bought the Downturnshire Abbey series on DVD, that British mail order company has been sending monthly catalogues to my roommate and (I/me).
4. Omar’s wardrobe for the weekend getaway (comprised/was comprised of) two designer suits, four pressed shirts, a silk bathrobe, flip-flops and a pair of flowered board shorts.
5. If you have celiac disease, always check the ingredients before eating luncheon meat, imitation seafood, sauces, soup mixes and other processed (food/foods) that may contain gluten.
6. An autographed Trevor Linden jersey, a Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince lunch box and a dog-eared note from the red-haired girl in Grade 6 (comprised/made up) (Fergus’/Fergus’s) collection of most prized possessions.
7. I will always cherish the photo of you and (I/me) at the top of Coliseum Mountain and will never forget the sweat we generated getting there.

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