Test yourself—Commas that count: Necessary commas

Decide whether or not a comma is required where indicated. Read the article Commas that count: Necessary commas to help you out.

1. Filled with loathing and trepidation, Jorge took one hesitant step after another[ ] advancing slowly and inexorably toward the pit of snakes.
2. I don’t know about you[ ] but I would hire Claude to renovate the sunroom if he were available.
3. Arthur, the first boy in his class to kiss a girl[ ] was immensely proud of his accomplishment.
4. The Perfect Storm is the harrowing tale of how the Andrea Gail, a swordfishing boat[ ] disappeared during a historic gale at sea.
5. Because she hated every article of clothing in her closet, Betty Jo cancelled her dinner party[ ] at the last minute.
6. “Diving” Dave Olsen, the only person in town to swim across the lake in under twenty minutes[ ] won a community award for his accomplishment.
7. People desire job satisfaction, and job recognition is one of the priorities HyperTech intends to stress[ ] as it enters a bigger marketplace.
8. Despite her migraine[ ] Chantal showed up for the martial arts tournament and sparred harder than she ever had before.
9. On Sunday we plan to snowshoe up the logging road to our favourite hot springs[ ] where we will soak and dream for hours.
10. With a sparkle in her eye, a lilt in her voice and a skip in her step[ ] she became one of the most famous child stars ever, capturing the hearts of millions.

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