Test yourself—Dubious agreement

Choose the correct word. Read the article Dubious agreement to help you out.

1. Neither the writer’s early short stories nor his last epic novel adequately (illustrates/illustrate) his gift for creating memorable characters.
2. Following the famous couple everywhere they went (was/were) a beefy bodyguard as well as two martial arts experts.
3. Advertising computers and other electronics for cut-rate prices and then failing to have the models in stock (is/are) the store’s shady policy.
4. Nevertheless, the store’s splashy online presence and convenient downtown location (enables/enable) it to stay in business despite its questionable reputation.
5. The vegetarian chef, along with several of her most loyal followers, regularly (attends/attend) the annual conference on developments in organic farming.
6. Either the flowered sofa or the beanbag chairs (has/have) to go.
7. The bottle of sparkly pink crystals, perched precariously on top of the wizard’s many scrolls and maps, (contains/contain) enough toxic chemicals to poison even the sturdiest foe.

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