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revision: style and usage


Ce contenu est offert en anglais seulement.

Early in the revision process, correct any weaknesses of the types listed below. This step may require recasting of parts or all of a sentence or paragraph, as well as significant deletions.

  • Unnecessarily long, complex sentences
  • Unacceptable neologisms or jargon:
    • People who are within five years of retirement will be attritted.
  • Long multiple-noun phrases
  • Verbiage and redundancy (“excessive verbiage”; “countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.”)
  • Excessive repetition:
    • While most job seekers spend fewer than five hours a week looking for a job, job seeking is considered a full-time job in the Job Finding Club.
  • Ambiguity
  • Improper prepositional usage
  • Misuse of a word (e.g. affect/effect, amount/number and similar problems)
  • Lack of uniformity in terms used for the same concept ("eligibility for/admissibility to/right to benefits")
  • Gallicisms in vocabulary and syntax (“realize a project,” “training program of nurses”)
  • Wrong level of language or style, given end use of document
  • Mixed metaphors (“We must put our shoulders to the wheel and take the bull by the horns.”)
  • Uneuphonic effects:
    • Presentation of the new provincial prison program will be postponed pending further planning.

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