business letters: spacing


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While recognizing that it may not be appropriate for all correspondence, the FIP Manual recommends five vertical spaces between the recipient’s address and the salutation, two between the salutation and the body of the letter and six between the complimentary close and the sender’s name. Leave one blank line between paragraphs and between the last paragraph and the complimentary close.

Do not carry over fewer than three lines of text to a new page.

Names of people, numbers and dates should stay on the same line:

  • Approval was given by Mr. Ranald A. Quail, Deputy Minister, Public Works and Government Services Canada.


  • As regards implementation, approval was given by Mr. Ranald A.
    Quail, Deputy Minister, Public Works and Government Services Canada.
  • Subject to the limitations clearly spelled out in section
    92(1)(c)(i) of the Financial
    Administration Act, ….


  • Subject to the limitations (…) clearly spelled out in section 92(1)(c)
    (i) of the Financial Administration Act, ….

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