Review: Pronoun Reference


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In each of the following sentences, decide whether the writer used the highlighted pronoun appropriately for formal writing.

  1. It says in this article in The Atlantic Advocate that Frederictonians are taking up line dancing in unprecedented numbers.
  2. They say Frederictonians often gather at clubs and dance the night away.
  3. Recently Frederictonians gave a demonstration of their craft at the Saint John Exhibition.
  4. When a dancer which is talented performs the best-known numbers the entire audience becomes involved.
  5. In Martha’s Guide to Fredericton she lists all the line dancing halls within 50 kilometres.
  6. Although Fredericton is a small town it has many interesting sights, and Ruth enjoys spring because it is the season when all dancers buy new outfits.
  7. It is normal for tourists to visit Fredericton from all over Canada, especially in the summer, to watch the dancers.
  8. Line dancing has a long and illustrious history, and it is especially popular with young people.
  9. Grandparents, who were the first generation to line dance, taught their children that this activity was part of Fredericton’s heritage.
  10. The reasons for keeping this tradition alive include an awareness of your roots and pride in your heritage.

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