Review: Identifying Punctuation Errors


Ce contenu est offert en anglais seulement.

Indicate whether each sentence is punctuated correctly or incorrectly.

  1. I wrote letters to: my aunt, the cable company, and my close friend Joe who moved to Tofino four years ago.
  2. "Can working with a computer really improve one’s writing?" they asked.
  3. They read they studied and they reviewed, yet they could not define the term ‘onomatopoeia’ on the English exam.
  4. Children sometimes knock at the Wilsons’ door, as if taunting the couple to show themselves, but neither the old man nor his sister ever answers.
  5. We cancelled our subscription to the magazine after it ran a homophobic article; likewise, a number of our friends boycotted the publication.
  6. My sister’s skin used to be as smooth as a childs.
  7. Aaron asked the counsellor if there were many job opportunities for music teachers and if he would have to leave the province to get a good position?
  8. They wanted very badly to see Peter Weirs new film, but fate in the form of the year’s worst snowstorm intruded.
  9. How could the rent review administrators have made such a decision, and how will your landlord live with himself?
  10. "Take me with you," she said. "This town and it’s people are more than I can bear, but I know everything will be different in Toronto".

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