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Review: Adverbs and Adjectives


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Choose the correct answer for each of the following sentences.

  1. Many people have tried to sell us vacuum cleaners, but you are certainly one of the placeholder for the answer salespeople we have met.
  2. The sound quality of this film is poor, and the picture is focused placeholder for the answer.
  3. My brother’s roommate this year is placeholder for the answer than the graduate student he lived with last year.
  4. That executive dresses placeholder for the answer and knows his material.
  5. Bridget is placeholder for the answer effective at making group presentations.
  6. We have studied the proposals from both firms and have decided that although Zero Inc.’s fees are high, it is the placeholder for the answer reliable company.
  7. Gerald is a more talented piano player than I, but he placeholder for the answer the best musician in our band.
  8. Sunita followed the recipe closely, but the cake smelled placeholder for the answer after twenty minutes in the oven.
  9. Her husband draws so placeholder for the answer that he has been asked to submit sketches to a local graphic art firm.
  10. She accepted responsibility for the accident and felt placeholder for the answer about the whole incident for weeks.

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