hyphens: suffixes

Follow the guidelines below when deciding whether to use a hyphen before the suffixes like, wide, odd, strong, fold and score.


Write the compounds with like as one word, except where this would result in a double l or where the compound is a temporary one coined for a specific purpose or text:

  • businesslike
  • childlike
  • ladylike
  • lifelike


  • petal-like
  • nut-like


Since usage depends on the degree of familiarity of the compound, no general rule can be stated. Note the following:

  • worldwide
  • storewide


  • industry-wide
  • province-wide

odd, strong

Hyphenate compounds made up of a numerical expression plus odd or strong:

  • sixty-odd
  • thirty-strong

fold, score

Write compounds with fold and score as one word, except when the numerical expression itself already has a hyphen:

  • twofold
  • sixtyfold
  • threescore
  • fourscore


  • twenty-two-fold

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