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demonyms in Canada

Did you know that a person living in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is a Moose Javian? Or that someone from Truro, Nova Scotia, is a Truronian? Names such as these that are attributed to residents of a particular area are called demonyms. They are most often formed by adding a suffix to the names of cities and towns. Here is a non-exhaustive list of Canadian demonyms.

List of Canadian demonyms – letter A

Canadian demonyms – letter A
Demonym Resident of
Abbotsfordian Abbotsford, British Columbia
Airdrite; Airdronian Airdrie, Alberta
Amherstonian Amherst, Nova Scotia
Annapolitan Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Antigonisher Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Arnpriorite Arnprior, Ontario
Arundelite Arundel, Quebec
Arviarmiut Arviat, Nunavut
Arvidian Arvida, Quebec
Assiniboian Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
Ayer’s Cliffer Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec
Aylmerite Aylmer, Quebec

List of Canadian demonyms – letter B

Canadian demonyms – letter B
Demonym Resident of
Baddecker Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Baie d’Urfeite Baie-d’Urfé, Quebec
Banffite Banff, Alberta
Bark Laker Barkmere, Quebec
Bathurstonian Bathurst, New Brunswick
Beaconsfielder Beaconsfield, Quebec
Bedfordite Bedford, Nova Scotia; Bedford, Quebec
Bellevillian Belleville, Ontario
Brandonite Brandon, Manitoba
Brockvillian Brockville, Ontario
Buckinghamer Buckingham, Quebec
Burlingtonian Burlington, Ontario

List of Canadian demonyms – letter C

Canadian demonyms – letter C
Demonym Resident of
Calgarian Calgary, Alberta
Campbell Riverite Campbell River, British Columbia
Campbelltonian Campbellton, New Brunswick
Camrosian Camrose, Alberta
Canmorite Canmore, Alberta
Cantleyite Cantley, Quebec
Cape Bretoner Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Charlottetonian; Charlottetowner Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Chathamite Chatham, Ontario
Chemainiac Chemainus, British Columbia
Cochranite Cochrane, Alberta; Cochrane, Ontario
Coquitlamite Coquitlam, British Columbia
Corner Brooker Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Cranbrooker Cranbrook, British Columbia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter D

Canadian demonyms – letter D
Demonym Resident of
Dartmouthian Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Dauphinite Dauphin, Manitoba
Dawsonite Dawson, Yukon
Digbyite Digby, Nova Scotia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter E

Canadian demonyms – letter E
Demonym Resident of
East Boltoner Bolton-Est, Quebec
Edmontonian Edmonton, Alberta
Edsonite Edson, Alberta
Elliot Laker Elliot Lake, Ontario
Espanolian Espanola, Ontario
Estevanite Estevan, Saskatchewan

List of Canadian demonyms – letter F

Canadian demonyms – letter F
Demonym Resident of
Fort Erian Fort Erie, Ontario
Fort Francian Fort Frances, Ontario
Fort Smither Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
Frederictonian Fredericton, New Brunswick

List of Canadian demonyms – letter G

Canadian demonyms – letter G
Demonym Resident of
Ganderite Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Gaspesian Gaspé, Quebec
Glenmounter Glenmount, Quebec
Goderichite Goderich, Ontario
Granbyan Granby, Quebec
Grande Prairian Grande Prairie, Alberta
Guelphite Guelph, Ontario

List of Canadian demonyms – letter H

Canadian demonyms – letter H
Demonym Resident of
Haligonian Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hamiltonian Hamilton, Ontario
Hampsteader Hampstead, Quebec
Hawkesburian Hawkesbury, Ontario
Hay Riverite Hay River, Northwest Territories
High Riverite High River, Alberta
Hudsonite Hudson, Quebec
Humboldtonian Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Huntsvillian Huntsville, Ontario

List of Canadian demonyms – letter I

Canadian demonyms – letter I
Demonym Resident of
Iqalummiuq (pl. Iqalummiut) Iqaluit, Nunavut

List of Canadian demonyms – letter J

Canadian demonyms – letter J
Demonym Resident of
Jasperite Jasper, Alberta

List of Canadian demonyms – letter K

Canadian demonyms – letter K
Demonym Resident of
Kamloopsian Kamloops, British Columbia
Kenoraite; Kenoran Kenora, Ontario
Kentvillite Kentville, Nova Scotia
Kincardinite Kincardine, Ontario
Kingstonian Kingston, Ontario
Kirklander Kirkland, Quebec
Kitimatian Kitimat, British Columbia
Knowltonite Knowlton, Quebec

List of Canadian demonyms – letter L

Canadian demonyms – letter L
Demonym Resident of
Lacombian Lacombe, Alberta
LaSaller LaSalle, Quebec
Laurentian Saint-Laurent, Quebec
Lavaller Laval, Quebec
Leamingtonian Leamington, Ontario
Lennoxviller Lennoxville, Quebec
Londoner London, Ontario
Lunenburger Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter M

Canadian demonyms – letter M
Demonym Resident of
Madelinot; Magdalen Islander Îles de la Madeleine, Quebec
Mahone Bayer Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Maskoutan Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Melvillite Melville, Saskatchewan
Miltonian Milton, Ontario
Miramichier Miramichi, New Brunswick
Mississaugan Mississauga, Ontario
Monctonian Moncton, New Brunswick
Montrealer Montréal, Quebec
Moose Javian Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Mordenite Morden, Manitoba

List of Canadian demonyms – letter N

Canadian demonyms – letter N
Demonym Resident of
Nanaimoite Nanaimo, British Columbia
NDGer Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec
Neepawan Neepawa, Manitoba
Nelsonite Nelson, British Columbia
New Westminsterite New Westminster, British Columbia
North Bayite North Bay, Ontario

List of Canadian demonyms – letter O

Canadian demonyms – letter O
Demonym Resident of
Oakvillian Oakville, Ontario
Orillian Orillia, Ontario
Oromoctonian Oromocto, New Brunswick
Ottawan Ottawa, Ontario
Outremonter Outremont, Quebec

List of Canadian demonyms – letter P

Canadian demonyms – letter P
Demonym Resident of
Parry Sounder Parry Sound, Ontario
Peace Riverite Peace River, Alberta
Pembrokian Pembroke, Ontario
Perthite Perth, Ontario
Petrolian Petrolia, Ontario
Pictonian Pictou, Nova Scotia
Portager Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Port Albernian Port Alberni, British Columbia
Port Colborner Port Colborne, Ontario
Port Elginite Port Elgin, Ontario
Port Hardian Port Hardy, British Columbia
Port Hoper Port Hope, Ontario
Powell Riverite Powell River, British Columbia
Prince Albertan Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Prince Georgian Prince George, British Columbia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter Q

Canadian demonyms – letter Q
Demonym Resident of
Québécois; Québécoise Québec, Quebec

List of Canadian demonyms – letter R

Canadian demonyms – letter R
Demonym Resident of
Red Deerian Red Deer, Alberta
Red Laker Red Lake, Ontario
Revelstokian Revelstoke, British Columbia
Reginan Regina, Saskatchewan
Richmond Hiller Richmond Hill, Ontario
Richmondite Richmond, British Columbia;
Richmond, Quebec

List of Canadian demonyms – letter S

Canadian demonyms – letter S
Demonym Resident of
Sackvillian Sackville, New Brunswick
Saint Johner Saint John, New Brunswick
St. Cathariner St. Catharines, Ontario
St. John’san; St. John’ser St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
St. Stephener St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Saskatonian; Saskatoonian Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saultite Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Sarnian Sarnia, Ontario
Selkirkian Selkirk, Manitoba
Shawvillite Shawville, Quebec
Sherbrooker Sherbrooke, Quebec
Simconian Simcoe, Ontario
Sioux Lookouter Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Smithereen Smithers, British Columbia
Soreller Sorel, Quebec
Spruce Grover Spruce Grove, Alberta
Steinbacher Steinbach, Manitoba
Stettlerite Stettler, Alberta
Stratfordian Stratford, Ontario;
Stratford, Prince Edward Island
Surreyite Surrey, British Columbia
Sydneyite Sydney, Nova Scotia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter T

Canadian demonyms – letter T
Demonym Resident of
Taberite Taber, Alberta
Terracite Terrace, British Columbia
Thursonian Thurso, Quebec
Torontonian Toronto, Ontario
Townie Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec
Trailite Trail, British Columbia
Trentonian Trenton, Ontario
Truronian Truro, Nova Scotia
Twillingater Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador

List of Canadian demonyms – letter V

Canadian demonyms – letter V
Demonym Resident of
Valdorian Val-d’Or, Quebec
Vancouverite Vancouver, British Columbia
Victorian Victoria, British Columbia

List of Canadian demonyms – letter W

Canadian demonyms – letter W
Demonym Resident of
Wasaga Beacher Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Watson Laker Watson Lake, Yukon
Wellander Welland, Ontario
West Boltonite Bolton-Ouest, Quebec
Westmounter Westmount, Quebec
Whistlerite Whistler, British Columbia
Whitehorser Whitehorse, Yukon
White Rocker White Rock, British Columbia
Williams Laker Williams Lake, British Columbia
Windsorite Windsor, Ontario
Winklerite Winkler, Manitoba
Winnipegger Winnipeg, Manitoba
Woodstonian Woodstock, New Brunswick
Woodstock, Ontario

List of Canadian demonyms – letter Y

Canadian demonyms – letter Y
Demonym Resident of
Yarmouthian Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Yellowknifer Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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