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renvoyer aux calendes grecques: suggested translations

renvoyer aux calendes grecques
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "renvoyer aux calendes grecques."

delay, forestall, postpone, postpone indefinitely, put aside, put off, put on hold, put on ice, put on the back burner

  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques la mise sur pied d’une procédure / delay setting up a procedure
  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques la mise en œuvre de ces initiatives / forestall implementation of these initiatives
  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques le projet de recherche / postpone the research project (postpone the research project indefinitely)
  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques le travail sur la politique / put aside work on the policy
  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques la décision portant sur la création d’un programme national / put off the decision to create a national program
  • renvoyer la réunion aux calendes grecques / put the meeting on hold
  • renvoyer aux calendes grecques le réaménagement de l’édifice / put the refurbishment of the building on ice (on the back burner)

Note: The adverb indefinitely can be added to any of these English equivalents, as in the example for postpone/postpone indefinitely.

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