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manifester: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "manifester."

announce, declare, demonstrate, display, exhibit, express, give vent to, indicate, make clear, make known, make plain, manifest, participate in a demonstration, protest, protest against, prove, register, show, signify, speak out against, stage a protest against, state, take part in a demonstration, voice

  • manifester son intention de ratifier la convention / announce (declare, signify) one’s intention to ratify the agreement
  • manifester un grand respect envers la compétence provinciale / demonstrate (show) a great respect for provincial jurisdiction
  • manifester un sens exceptionnel du devoir public / display an uncommon sense of public duty
  • manifester un profond engagement à l’égard de ce programme / exhibit (demonstrate, display, show) deep commitment to the program
  • manifester de graves réserves à propos d’un projet / express (voice) some serious concerns about a project
  • les autorités ont manifesté leur indignation en annulant le programme / the authorities have given vent to their outrage by cancelling the program
  • manifester une ouverture d’esprit face au partage de l’information / indicate (display) openness to sharing information
  • le gouvernement a manifesté ses intentions / the government has made its intentions clear (known, plain)
  • manifester une forte opposition face au conflit / manifest (express, voice) strong opposition to the conflict
  • avoir le droit de manifester pacifiquement / have the right to participate (take part) in a peaceful demonstration
  • manifester contre cette injustice / protest (speak out against) this injustice
  • manifester contre les compressions budgétaires / protest (stage a protest) against budget cuts
  • manifester leur engagement envers un Canada uni / prove (show) their commitment to a united Canada
  • manifester son approbation pour le programme / register (express, voice) his approval of the program
  • manifester une grande sensibilité vis-à-vis des travailleurs / show (display) great sensitivity toward workers
  • manifester son intention d’être ouvert à cette question / state (express, indicate, make clear) one’s intention to keep an open mind about this issue
  • les Canadiens manifestent leur inquiétude de différentes façons / Canadians are voicing (expressing) their concern in many ways

NOTE: In some instances, the verb manifester followed by a noun phrase (e.g. leur opposition) may be translated into English by a verb (e.g. oppose), as in the following examples:

  • manifester leur opposition au projet / oppose the project
  • manifester un soutien pour le programme / support the program

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