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facile: suggested translations

: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "facile."

clear, comfortable, easily, easy, effortless, elementary, empty, evident, facile, glib, hollow, no difficulty, no problem, obvious, orderly, plain, simple, slick, smooth, straightforward, uncomplicated

  • les avantages d’une journée communautaire de nettoyage sont faciles à constater / the benefits of a community clean-up day are clear (plain) to see
  • il est beaucoup plus facile pour le comité de prendre ses décisions à huis clos / it is much more comfortable for the committee to make its decisions behind closed doors
  • il est facile de conclure du bien-fondé de cette mesure / it is easy to recognize the relevance of this measure
  • le système de gestion des documents permet l’extraction facile des données / the records management system permits effortless information retrieval
  • bon nombre d’entre nous trouvons cette approche trop facile / many of us believe this approach is too elementary (facile)
  • des promesses faciles comme celle-là ont des répercussions / empty (glib, hollow) promises like that have repercussions
  • le ministre estime que le choix devrait être très facile / the minister thinks that the choice should be quite evident (obvious)
  • il serait facile d’obtenir les fonds nécessaires / there would be no difficulty (problem) getting the necessary funding
  • garantir une transition facile vers de nouveaux modes de prestation de services / ensure an orderly (a smooth) transition to the new service delivery modes
  • il n’existe pas de solution facile au problème / there is no simple (easy) solution to this problem
  • conclure un marché rapide et facile / negotiate a quick, slick deal
  • ces questions sont assez faciles / these are rather straightforward questions
  • le plan semble relativement facile / the plan seems relatively uncomplicated

NOTE: In some instances, the adjective facile may be translated into English by an adverb (e.g. easily). When facile is followed by an infinitive verb (e.g. facile à adapter), it can be rendered by an English adjective ending with the suffix -able, (e.g. adaptable).

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