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au pire: suggested translations

au pire
: suggested translations

Consult this page to find suggested English equivalents for "au pire."

at most, at the very worst, at worst, if nothing else, if push comes to shove, if worse comes to worst, if worst comes to worst, in its worst state, in the worst case scenario, in the worst light, on a bad day, when push comes to shove

  • le conflit entre l’écologie et l’économie est une illusion ou, au pire, un effet à court terme / the conflict between ecology and economics is an illusion or, at most, a short-term effect
  • au pire, le statu quo serait maintenu / at (the very) worst, the status quo would be maintained
  • au pire, nous leur donnerions les fonds nécessaires / if nothing else, we would give them the necessary funds
  • ils savent qu’au pire, ils pourront survivre / they know that if (when) push comes to shove they can survive
  • au pire, c’est ce qui arrivera / if worse (worst) comes to worst that is what will happen
  • au mieux, c’est un mal nécessaire; au pire, c’est un mal intolérable / in its best state, it is a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one
  • au pire, l’échéancier serait reporté / in the worst case scenario, the deadline might be extended
  • au pire, c’est de la fraude pure et simple / in the worst light, it is out-and-out fraud
  • au pire, le projet apparaît à plusieurs comme un recul / on a bad day, many see the project as a step backward

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